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RBT Initial Competency Assessment

As the applicant, you have to pass the initial RBT competency assessment before you can become a registered behavior technician. This assessment requires you to demonstrate competency in several RBT task list areas.


The RBT initial competency assessment has a collection of twenty items for you to complete. During this assessment, you will demonstrate your competency to a BCBA or a BCaBA. This can be done through role-playing, working with a client, or during an interview.

When should you schedule the RBT Competency assessment

Best Value

RBT Competency Assessment



Valid for 2 months

The Initial Competency Assessment must be completed after the 40-hour training is complete and cannot be completed more than 90 days before submitting an RBT certification application.

Prior to booking, you must submit the following: 

  • 40 Hour Course

  • Criminal Background Check

What to expect during your RBT competency assessment ?

There are twenty items in the assessment. These items have been divided into sections, namely:

Tasks 1-3: Measurement

  • Continuous Measurement

  • Discontinuous Measurement

  • Data and Graphs

  • Tasks 4-5: Assessment

  • Preference Assessments

  • ABC Data

Tasks 6-15: Skill acquisition and behavior reduction

  • DTT

  • Naturalistic Teaching

  • Chaining

  • Shaping

  • Discrimination Training

  • Stimulus Transfer

  • Prompting

  • Token Systems

  • Crisis/Emergency

  • Antecedent Interventions

  • Differential Reinforcement

  • Extinction

Tasks 16-20: Professionalism and requirements

  • Session Notes

  • Client Dignity

  • Professional Boundaries

  • Supervision Requirements

  • Clinical Direction


For a candidate to pass the assessment, they have to demonstrate competency in the above areas.

Why choose Bright Start Possibility? 

  • RBT Initial Competency Assessment reimbursement 

  • Free RBT Training sessions 

  • Free Supervision 

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