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Environmental Education: Investigating Environmental Education (NET) in ABA

Updated: Jan 22

A prevalent misperception regarding ABA is that it only involves uninteresting discrete trial teaching and tedious table labor. Quite the contrary, we think that the power of play and games should be incorporated into every learning experience!

The ABA field has developed into an incredible tapestry of instructional philosophies as it continues to advance. The time when ABA was limited to a single technique is long gone. Today, we happily accept a wide variety of methods that are referred to as "Applied Behavior Analysis."

Bright Start ABA Therapy

Pivotal Response Training (PRT), Precision Teaching, and Natural Environment Teaching (NET) are just a few of the paradigm-shifting teaching techniques that fall under the expansive ABA umbrella and have completely changed the way we approach treatments. The world of ABA is infused with energy, enthusiasm, and astounding results thanks to these novel techniques.

What does ABA teach about the natural environment?

Recognizing each learner's individuality and highlighting the significance of customized and efficient teaching practices that cater to distinct talents, needs, and interests is one of the tenets of ABA. In this setting, Natural Environment Teaching (NET) stands out as a potent tool in the ABA toolbox.

NET makes use of the notion that learning takes place most effectively in the organic surroundings of a person's daily life. This method takes advantage of the natural learning opportunities offered by real-world circumstances, enabling students to generalize knowledge outside of controlled environments and use it in the various situations they come across.

Discovering the advantages, methods, and approaches of natural environment teaching will help us better understand how it may be effortlessly incorporated into ABA to promote holistic and long-lasting skill development.

Teaching Natural Environmental Education

The Natural World An key component of ABA is teaching, which involves methodically imparting behaviors in a person's environment of choice. Accordingly, the focus is on learning in a naturalistic environment, such as at home, school, or in the community.

NET in ABA is based on the concepts of motivation, individualization, and flexibility. With this method, the learner is encouraged to pick up new, constructive habits in a motivating setting. In other words, the learner receives instruction that is applicable to their past experiences.

Because of these essential elements, NET is a potent tool for encouraging positive behavior change in people with developmental impairments. With NET, the learner's natural environment serves as the classroom, allowing for higher skill generalization through the use of real-life social scenarios.

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